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Opening hours during the holidays

During the holiday period we have different opening hours. Please keep this in mind if you want to send samples for analyses in this period. Christmas Our laboratory is closed on Christmas days Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th of December. Samples that we receive before and on Monday the 23th of December will be handled […]

Lower reporting limit for phosphonic acid

Recently we have optimized our method for phosphorous acid. This makes it possible to determine this component in even lower concentrations. Residue of phosphonic acid can arise from the use of the fungicide Fosetyl-aluminum or the use of fertilizers based on potassium phosphonate. The new reporting limit for phosphonic acid in fruit and vegetable products […]

Residue analysis by Groen Agro Control Peru

Since January 2019, Groen Agro Control Peru has been conducting residue analyses for growers and exporters in Peru. With the opening of our branch in Lima, we have the opportunity to also do our extensive GC-MSMS & LC-MSMS residue screening (> 700 components) in Peru. Growers and exporters can use this to check whether their […]

MRL reduction to 0,01 mg/kg for Fenbutatin oxide in citrusfruits

The MRL-changes that are described in regulation (EU) 2019/90, are valid since last week. The reduction of the MRL for Fenbutatin oxide in citrus fruits has a high impact. The previous MRL was 5.0 mg/kg and has been decreased to 0,01 mg/kg. Because of this reduction the chance of exceedances of the MRL for Fenbutatin […]

Quick and reliable analysis for glyphosate residue

Groen Agro Control specializes in the analysis of pesticide residues. In addition to our extensive Multi residue method, we also analyse for glyphosate. This analysis can be performed in water, soil or crops. Glyphosate is a herbicide and is allowed to be used during cultivation of many different crops, which means that high concentrations can […]

Quick and reliable analysis for residues of pesticides

The residulab of Groen Agro Control lab specializes in the analysis of pesticide residues. In particular, we can offer fast and reliable analyses for fresh produce and cereals. Our accredited multi-residue screening is able to determine more than 700 active substances at the same time. In addition to this screening, we also perform specific analyses […]

Fast and reliable analysis for ToBRFV

Just recently we have developed a quick and reliable analysis for the determination of tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV). A specific real-time PCR assay has been developed which can be applied to various types of samples such as crop, water and swab samples from surfaces or materials. For more information you can contact Ines […]