The laboratories of Groen Agro Control are fully operational

Because the majority of our analyses are carried out in the context of food safety, we are an important part of the food sector. This is why it is very important that our 3 laboratories are fully operational. In this hectic period, the specialists at our laboratories are busy with the analysis of your samples.

For more information, please contact one of our product managers at

Groen Agro Control wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a successful 2020

The management and staff of Groen Agro Control wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a special, enterprising, inspiring and successful 2020.

Expansion of our Laboratory in Delfgauw

On the 9th of December the construction of our new laboratory and office building has started. Our new main building will connect our 2 existing Laboratories in Delfgauw.

In the new building there will be enough space for expansion of the existing Laboratories, meeting rooms, and a presentation room for courses and symposia.


Preventing bacteria and viruses in a greenhouse with a good hygiene protocol

Good hygiene in horticulture is essential to keep bacteria, fungi and viruses out. For some viruses, such as the tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV), hygiene is currently the only cure to prevent this. To ensure that the greenhouses comply with good hygiene, it is for example good to check whether the disinfection measures have been effective. Groen Agro Control can perform various analyzes to check this.

By going through risk spots with a swab or pressure plate, it is possible to check how clean a place is. A risk spot in the greenhouse for example is, the cultivation gutter. From here, recontamination to the new crop often occurs.

Wondering if your hygiene measures have been effective? Or do you need advice about hygiene measures? Then contact hygiene specialist Ines van Marrewijk by sending an email to or by calling 015 257 25 11. Or read more information here.

Delft Research Group has raised 57 places in the Hillenraad top-100 in three years

The Delft Research Group has secured the 23th place in the Hillenraad100 this year. We have raised 57 places in three years. From position 80 in 2016 to position 23 in 2019.
We thank this position to the innovations technological solutions within our companies such as the reliable analyzes of our laboratory Green Agro Control.

We are closed on 30th of May & 10th of June

Due to Ascension Day, on 30th of May, we will be closed. On Friday, 31st of May, we will be pleased to help you from 08:00.

On Monday 10th of June we will be closed as well, due to Whitsun.

Happy 2019

Today, December 31st, we are open until 15:00.
On January 1st we will be closed. From January 2nd the opening hours will be as usual, 08:00 – 17:30.
On behalf of our team we wish you a happy New Year!

Christmas 2018

We are closed during Christmas (25 & 26th of december) and on the 1st of January. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!