Counts on useful fungi and bacteria show real values of resilience

The preventive use of useful fungi and bacteria can improve plant resistance. Groen Agro Control provides analysis to quantify these organisms in the supplied material, or in the substrate or in water.

Residue determination in potatoes and onions

Measurements on Maleic Hydrazide, 1.4 Sight and Chlorpropham. You want best the quality of the product in your storage shed. Be supported in this by the residue determinations of Groen Agro Control.

Health-promoting properties of fruits and vegetables

The demand for healthy food, and with it the analysis of healthy ingredients in food, is increasing. That is why our nutritional analyzes provide reliable information about the health of fruits and vegetables.

Extension of our BNN recognition for mycotoxins and heavy metals

Groen Agro Control has received extension of BNN recognition. In addition to pesticides (fruit and vegetables, grain, oilseeds and tea), also for mycotoxins and heavy metals.

Water-side system in horticulture companies reviewed

Attention to regulations on human pathogens in water according to GlobalGAP. That is about health for people. But of course, your crop also requires 'healthy' water.
Uitbreiding capaciteit pathogeen analyses bij Groen Agro Control

Expansion of capacity for pathogen analyzes

Groen Agro Control is further expanding its testing capacity in the field of the pathogens Salmonella spp and Listeria monocytogenes.

Analysis Karanjin

Because there is a lot of focus on Karanjin, from now on it can also be analysed and is included in the multi-residue screening LC-MSMS and GC-MSMS.

Ethylene oxide analysis

Do you need Ethylene Oxide analysis urgently? Report within a few days possible, ask for the conditions.

Groen Agro Control joins Normec Group

Over the past 25 years Groen Agro Control has built a fine company that supports clients with analyses and advice. In order to ensure continuity and growth of our company, we have chosen to join the Normec Group as from March 2nd 2021. We are pleased to have been able to take this step in order to embark on new developments together

Underground water system; we know a lot (and a lot we don’t)

Ines van Marrewijk of Groen Agro Control likes to get to the bottom of unusual questions from growers. If there is a solution to a grower's problem, Ines knows where to find it. Bacteria unknown The search for the right methods to measure…