Counts on useful fungi and bacteria show real values of resilience

Fusarium, rhizoctonia, pythium, these are all root diseases that are sometimes difficult to control. The preventive use of useful fungi and bacteria can improve plant resistance. Groen Agro Control provides analysis to quantify these organisms in the supplied material, or in the substrate or in water. This way you know what quantity is in the packaging and, for example, what is still alive in the substrate or in drain water. This way you can determine whether a new dose is already needed or whether there is still enough life.

Groen Agro Control mainly measures in bacterial counts, so that means the real living values in colony-forming units per ml or gram. The sample is placed on culture medium and after a few days it is possible to count how much Bacillus spp., Trichoderma spp., lactic acid bacteria and the like are present. “We also recommend having a count of general bacteria, fungi and yeasts done. And always the analysis for important root diseases. The use of useful organic products should of course be measurable in a lower infection pressure of harmful root diseases. sides in the root environment to see how the deployment of beneficial organisms for your crop works.”

For more information, please contact Ines van Marrewijk, productmanager at Groen Agro Control, Distributieweg 1 – 2645 EG Delfgauw, telf. +31 (0)15 2572511

Publication date: Wed 6 Apr 2022