Ethylene oxide analysis

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The analysis of Ethylene Oxide in sesame seeds

In recent months there have been several batches of contaminated sesame seeds found in the EU with India as country of origin. In these batches, an increased level of Ethylene Oxide was found. In India, Ethylene Oxide is used as a disinfectant on sesame seed. The use of Ethylene Oxide is not permitted in the EU and this substance has an MRL of 0.05 mg/kg for sesame seeds.

Mid October 2020, a recall action of contaminated sesame seed lots was started by the NVWA. This has created a strong demand in the recent period for the analysis of Ethylene Oxide in sesame seeds and products containing sesame seeds.

During the first weeks, our residue lab was flooded with samples of sesame seeds or products in which sesame seeds are processed (oil or crackers). Initially, this analysis was outsourced to one of our partner laboratories, but due to the long waiting time (up to 5 weeks), we set up this analysis ourselves.

After two weeks, the validation process was completed and we started analysing for the customers. Initially with an LOQ of 0.02 mg/kg of product. By further optimisation of this analysis we can now also achieve an LOQ of 0.01 mg/kg. This means that we can now also support the biological sector with this analysis. Our method is also suitable for other products like cereals.

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