Ethylene Oxide in Food additives

Stricter rules are being created for the controversial substance ethylene oxide in additives.

The substance is approved as an active substance in plant protection products.
But in the form of food additives, the substance is controversial because of its carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic effects, and is therefore not allowed in the EU.
Nevertheless, this substance is regularly found, for example in locust bean gum and in capsules for medicines in the pharmaceutical industry.
Locust bean gum is often used for the preparation of ice cream and bakery products in the food industry.

Enforcement on ethylene oxide was difficult due to poor legislation. Therefore, the Commission has decided to set a maximum residue level of 0,1 mg/kg for ethylene oxide in food additives in Regulation (EU) 231/2012 with effect from 1 September 2022. This is at the limit of determination of this substance, i.e. this is the lowest residue concentration that can currently be measured.

It is therefore important that you have your products tested to see if they comply with this new MRL. Groen Agro Control is accredited by the RVA to carry out the analysis of Ethylene Oxide on food additives and capsules and thus responds well to these developments. The capsules are used in the food industry (supplements) or pharmaceutical industry (medicines).

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