Flexible scope for accredited analyses of pesticides in fresh produce and grain

After a positive assessment study by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA), the residue laboratory of Groen Agro Control has obtained a flexible scope for the analysis of residues of pesticides in food, animal feed, products derived of plants and water.

Starting from today, the following pesticide residues are also measured under accreditation:

Residue Screening LC-MSMS in Fresh Produce: Bensulfuron-methyl, Dimethirimol, Etoxazole, Fenbutatin Oxide, Buturon, Flupyridafurone, Isouron, Oxasulfuron, Quinoclamine, Terbuthylazine

Polar pesticides in Fresh produce and Grain: Ethephon, Fosetyl, Phosphorous acid, AMPA, Glyphosate, Glufosinate

The new analysis lists for fruit and vegetables and grain are available on our website, the newly accredited substances are also marked with a Q.