Groen Agro Control Announces Management Change

On September 1, Bert van Tol will step down as General Director of Groen Agro Control. Over the past 27 years, Bert has built Groen Agro Control, together with the enthusiastic team, into a leading laboratory in the international horticultural, fresh produce and food sector.

What started as a small lab 27 years ago has developed into a unique company with advanced laboratories and research facilities in the Netherlands and Peru. Groen Agro Control currently performs microbiological and residue analyzes for horticulture, fruit and vegetable and the food industry. In addition, the company is known for its innovative research projects that it carries out together with partners.

In March 2021 Groen Agro Control became part of Normec Foodcare, market leader in the Benelux in the field of Testing, Inspection and Certification. Bert will remain involved in the further development of Normec on a project basis.

The role of General Manager will be taken over by Jelger de Vriend. Since October 2021, he has been Business Development Director of Groen Agro Control. Before that he worked for Albert Heijn, Total Produce and Normec Innovative Fresh.