Residue determination in potatoes and onions

You want best the quality of the product in your storage shed.
Be supported in this by the residue determinations of Groen Agro Control.

Measurements on Maleic Hydrazide and 1.4 Sight
The active ingredients maleic hydrazide and 1.4 Sight are used for the storage of potatoes.
The potato storage with 1.4 Sight (dimethylnaphthalene) is accompanied by measurements in the skin. The decrease of 1.4 Sight concentration in the peel is a measure of the effect of the sprout inhibitor. By measuring you know whether the storage is in order and whether a new application is necessary.
Maleic hydrazide forms the basis. MH is sprayed on potato plants before the potatoes are harvested. It is taken up by the leaves and translocated to the tubers. It does not affect the quality of the potatoes, but prevents the harvested potatoes from sprouting prematurely. We measure maleic hydrazide in the entire potato.
Measurements on chlorpropham
If you stopped using it years ago, there is a risk of contamination of potatoes and onions in storage sheds in which chlorpropham was previously used.
To ensure that you comply with the MRL, it is advisable to analyze your products accordingly. If your products do not contain chlorpropham, this could mean that adjustments in your storage shed are not necessary.
Groen Agro Control is an accredited laboratory (NEN-EN-ISO 17025). And can analyze your products on this substance for you.

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