We welcome our new operational director

On 1 June Dirk-Jan Hemmelder will start as Operational Director at Groen Agro Control. In this role, he is responsible for operational development, among other things.

Dirk-Jan has more than 20 years of experience as director of a number of food producers, Eurofins Foodlabs and an international operator of bio-fermentation plants. “I am happy to contribute to a sustainable and safe food supply for now and in the future. Groen Agro Control is a great company with many opportunities. Giving substance to this together with the team so that we can serve our customers even better is a wonderful challenge,” says Dirk-Jan.

Groen Agro Control is a very innovative laboratory with customers who belong to the top of the international fruit and vegetable and horticultural world. Groen Agro Control has offices in the Netherlands and Peru and an extensive international network of agents. In addition, the company carries out chemical, microbiological and botanical research projects. With this, Groen Agro Control supports its customers so that they can further strengthen their worldwide leading position. Groen Agro Control is part of Normec Foodcare.