Preventing bacteria and viruses in a greenhouse with a good hygiene protocol


Good hygiene in horticulture is essential to keep bacteria, fungi and viruses out. For some viruses, such as the tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV), hygiene is currently the only cure to prevent this. To ensure that the greenhouses comply with good hygiene, it is for example good to check whether the disinfection measures have been effective. Groen Agro Control can perform various analyzes to check this.

By going through risk spots with a swab or pressure plate, it is possible to check how clean a place is. A risk spot in the greenhouse for example is, the cultivation gutter. From here, recontamination to the new crop often occurs.

Wondering if your hygiene measures have been effective? Or do you need advice about hygiene measures? Then contact hygiene specialist Ines van Marrewijk by sending an email to or by calling 015 257 25 11. Or read more information here.