Residue requirements in the floriculture trade

Normec Groen Agro Control is happy to inform you about residue requirements in the floriculture trade during your visit to the IFTF on 9 to 11 November.

Chain stores in Europe set high standards for pesticide residues on flowers and plants. Crop protection products in floriculture are used in a controlled manner by growers. Unfortunately, the requirements are sometimes so high that the end product does not meet the requirements.
Normec Groen Agro Control can inform trading companies about how residue requirements become part of the quality of your products.

Start with a risk inventory within your company. And be informed about legislation based on EU regulations, residue requirements within quality certificates and additional extra-legal residue requirements of the major retailers.
Our reports on residue analysis of ornamental plants are very complete. If desired, we can also provide the assessment of additional market requirements directly in the report. For example, we test for blacklist components, maximum number of substances, maximum sum of substances and ARfD values.

We will be happy to tell you how that goes when you make an appointment with me at the IFTF. Or make an appointment for an online meeting.

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Visit us at the IFTF at booth B5.30. Or better yet make an appointment in advance with Ines van Marrewijk, Sr. Product Manager Horticulture, or call +31(0)15 257 25 11