Screening of pesticide residues in leaf and crop samples

Next to our core business of performing fast and reliable laboratory analyses, our specialists are continuously working on improvements of our methods of analyses. Just recently, we have extended and improved our screening analysis package for determination of pesticide residues for leaf and (ornamental) crop samples.

What are the improvements:

  1. The GC-MS method will be replaced for the even better GC-MSMS method
  2. The list of components has been expanded with approximately 50 components
  3. The detection limit is reduced for almost all components to 0.01 mg / kg
  4. The number of accredited components has been expanded:
  • LC-MSMS from 38 to 145 components
  • GC-MSMS from 15 to 215 components

Leaf and crop samples will be analysed by this improved method from Monday 19-11-2018. The renewed analysis list for the screening of residues on leaf and crop samples is available on our website.

We are confident that we can offer an even better service with this new method of analysis. If you have any questions about this matter, please contact us via

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